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5 benefits of working with a local web designer in Malindi

benefits of working with a local web designer in malindi

As a business you need a website to promote your business online. Whether you are a dentist, lawyer, accountant, boutique hotel or resort, tours & safari agent, school etc – your customers are out there searching for you! They want  an online access point where they can learn about your services and pricing.

But should you work with a local web designer near you or a non-local who is miles away? Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of working with a local web designer over a non-local one.


1. You can know if they are quacks

Anyone can pretend to be a web designer out there. Some are quacks, others are just brokers. So how do you assess whether someone is well experienced to get your website project done? Simply meet them in person and ask some few questions about web design and or digital marketing. If they don’t have much experience as they pretend to, there are warning signs you can look for in real life that won’t show up over email.


2. They understand the local market

A local web designer, especially one who is also a digital marketer understands the local market you operate in and could give you a lot more insights on the niche you intend to venture than you could gather, especially from their experience in the industry. When designing the website, they know the words that will appeal to your niche or other target clients as opposed to hiring someone overseas who does not have an understanding of your locality.


3. Reduced communication barriers

Since you operate from the same locality, you are bound to understand each other better. Hence, there will be minimal communication barriers, which will enhance the quality of the output. Communication can hinder the end product especially if you don’t understand what the other person is saying.


4. You get easier and timely support

At times you can experience a problem that requires the expertise of the web designer. With a local web designer you are guaranteed of timely and quality support when need arises. On the other hand, a far away designer can be hard to reach out to when a problem arises.

Also, a website is an ongoing project that requires maintenance and updates. With a local web designer, the option to regularly meet in person to discuss any edits or concerns is fully available to you.


5. You promote local talent & economy

By working with a local web designer, you are not only supporting the local talent but also promoting the local economy. I mean, without compromising on quality, why promote other economies when you have local experts at your disposal and you could use their help at any time? So before taking the step to promote other foreign industries, let’s first support our local talent and economy. It also is a way of giving back to the society.


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